Though the weather has delayed the started of the 2018 season for some and it looks like Red Marley was a little muddy, still plenty to look forward to for the 2018 Welsh Championship season and beyond.

Some comments and predictions for the 2018 season and a good reason to ride the Welsh Championship.

  1. The weather can’t be this bad all season and to renew your confidence in all things racing, look back at some of the footage from Narberth 2017, which had great racing and great weather over two days.
  2. Border will be running at new venue for classic motocross, Bicton Farm. It’s a practice / race venue and there are plenty of videos on YouTube, including a helmet camera view of the track to get you sighted.  Regs are already available for the event on the 29th April on the AMCA website.
  3. From fairly quiet beginnings with a disappointing entry for the first couple of years, the Narberth weekend event goes from strength to strength and will be running this year on the 16/17th June.  As well as a strong set of Evo racing on the Saturday and the Welsh Championship, this year will see the Cagiva Cup, celebrating 40 years of Cagiva [1], with dedicated races for the Italian marque with UK and overseas riders coming over for the event.
  4. There’s been quite a bit of interest from new riders over the winter and will be interested to see what new bike / rider combinations make it onto the start line. As always my own slow start to the workshop season is always undone by a purchase at Telford, or later.  Hopefully 1st race of the season at Teifiside is going to ahead (and the weather is warming up after a cold Easter)
  5. Old faces and new

[1] If Cagiva have been going since 1978, I’m still wonder how Paul Prosser has a pre78 Cagiva ? I’ve now had this explained to me, along with a complex history of Italian motorcycle company ownership over the last 40 years. It took a few beers and a wood burner to complete.



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