A short update for possible riders, supporters and helpers for the Classic MX des Nations for 2018.

When is it ?

It’s taking place on Saturday 15th September 2018.

Where is it ?

It’s in the Czech Republic, at Pacov.  A location map of the track is available on the ECMO site

It’s about 1000 miles from Bwlch to drive, though less going via Harwick -> Hook van Holland.

Will Wales be sending teams this year ?

Wales have entered the Classic MX des Nations since 2015 and this will be our 4th year entering a team.  Each nation can enter up to 5 teams in the 30+, 50+, 60+, 66+ and 72+ age categories.

Wales will be entering a 30+, 50+ and 60+ team, with the possibility of a 66+ team.

Can I ride for Wales ?

Yes, if you live in Wales, are born in Wales, or have ridden at least 3 Welsh Championship rounds in 2018.  You need to be at least 30 years old by the 31st December 2018, as there is no 30- age category (yet).   You will need a pre74 bike for the 30+ and 50+ categories and pre72 for 60+ and then pre65 for 66+.

If you are interested please complete the online form.

Alternatively contact the Team Manager Malcolm Herbert  07720 079845

When will the team be announced ?

The aim is to announce the Welsh team before the Abbeycwmhir meeting on the 22 July, though conversations with individual riders are already taking place.   It will be balance of finding good, eligible riders, along with people who are prepared to travel to the Czech republic and who can afford to travel and take the time off.

I would like to help and support Wales ?

Supporters and helpers are very welcome to travel to Pacov and we’d encourage people to let the team know you are travelling.  We’d hope that many people will stay at the track (which is possible from the 11 September through to the 17th September) or a common location nearby.

More news and updates on this will be available on the Facebook group for Classic MX Wales and on this website

Travel and Bike Shipment

Anyone riding needs to assume that they need to take their bike and themselves to the track. There might be a way of getting some bikes their for people who want to fly. (Fly to Prague and hire a car is the best option)

The recommendation for all riders is for them to be at the track in Pacov on Thursday evening (13th September), allowing time for setup before the race on Saturday.




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