Many many thanks to Ed Willett for doing the report and the results.

Notes on Acorns 14/7/19

A few notes from some of the spectating I did between races.

Weather…..after driving up from Wales through clear skies the promise of a baking day like last year failed to materialise as Lymes farm was shrouded with cloud and occasional bouts of drizzle…however this quickly disappeared and we were treated to a pleasantly warm, at times hot day.

Practice ……with the damp long grass covering much of the track practice was a bit like a clowns day out with many riders already with their “race face” on went spinning out, running off the track, crashing into each other and generally struggling to stay upright, so prudence paid off to explore the track and conditions….especially as the course was being run in reverse with a descent of the “big hill”….which was interesting on first encounter!

Pre 60 -65

Was all about Ricky Pedder on his Triumph 650 showing astonishing speed off the line and around the track with only the Bell brothers just about able to keep in touch. Kudos though to John Pickering who tried to break up their dominance in race 10, and Joe Chell who got quicker and quicker as the day wore on.

Twinshock 125A

Spectacular close racing ….Mark Beeston on his Kawasaki holeshot every race by a good margin but Ian Knight (Honda) and Sean Mcrae (Suzuki) were never far behind and this trio stretched away from the others in every race. They also shared race honours with Ian taking race 2, Sean race 11 and Mark race 20. Deserved special mention to Gary Hirst who took 4th in race 2. Also fabulous to see Peter Boast on his gorgeous Aspes 125, and quite remarkable to see the rider (not in programme) on the road legal (lights, number plate and everything!) DT125 keeping it up, and mixing it up toward the back of the group.


Huge lineup for this group, fast and furious racing throughout to say the least. Nick Paton taking race 3 and race 21. Chris Woodward always up there and taking race 12.


I didn’t get to watch this as on the line awaiting my turn! The results would suggest that it was a good battle between Mitchell Harris (taking race 4 and 23) and Liston Bell (race 13 winner)

Pre74 Up to 250

I also cant say too much about this as was touring round, running in my new engine and testing out the injured shoulder. Enjoyable riding …traction improved through the day as the track became less slippy. My sighting of them as they lapped me in race 5 and a look at the results show it was all about Dan Evans on his Husky in race 5 ahead of Ben Weaver on his Elsinore who had taken the lead from Gary Warr on his Ossa. Race 14 was another Dan Evans/Gary Warr battle ahead of Ben Jones on an Elsinore and in race 23 Dan lead from start to finish.

Pre 74 Over 250

More fast and furious action with Chris Chell and Lewis Bell making it a four stroke one two in race 6 ahead of Dan Evans who passed Sam Weaver on his Maico to take 3rd on the last lap. In race 15 Dan lead for the first lap only to be reeled in by the four stroke brigade as the race wore on with Chris Chell, Lewis Bell and Mitchell Harris finishing ahead of him. Race 24 was much the same story With Chris and Lewis getting past to Dan to finish in that order with Nathan Jones in 4th.

An unfortunate incident in race 24 saw Ian Hall hospitalised with nine broken ribs and a punctured lung. The racing was rightly abandoned for the day whilst he was taken care of.

Pre 78 and Twinshock 125B

The Pre 78 was all about Alan Woods on his LOP Yamaha 125 and Chris Woodward who gapped the rest of the field, with Peter Boast on his Aspes 125 putting on a good show in third. Dave Love, Twinshock 125B overall leader continued to dominate on his ’77 Elsinore ahead of a bunch of RM125’s whilst Alistair Devall (in second overall) had to be content with mid pack finishes as the TM125 struggled for power on the hills against the more modern bikes. Only two races were run.

Results below:


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