This years Classic MXdN will be in Marum, Netherlands on the 21st September and as with the last 4 years, Wales will be once again sending a team.

Key things for 2019 are laid out below

Eligibility Criteria For Riders

You can qualify to ride by meeting one of the following 3 criteria

  • Born in Wales
  • Live Permanently in Wales
  • Compete in 4 rounds of the Welsh Championship before 20/July 2019

You must fit the age of rider and age of machine laid down by ECMO see 

  • Rider age 30+, machine pre74
  • Rider age 50+ machine pre74
  • Rider age 60+ machine pre72
  • Rider age 66+ machine pre65
  • Rider age 72+ machine pre65

You must be able to be able make your own travel arrangements and be in Marum, NL on the 20th (Friday) and 21st (Saturday) on September 2019. Some small amount of travel support, entry fee payment and assistance with bike transport might be available as in previous years, but there is no guarantee of this being forthcoming

You also need to be an AMCA Annual License holder, as they provide insurance cover when competing in Europe and they may consider paying the entry fee again this year.

Can Anyone Enter ?

If you can meet the above eligibility criteria we would encourage everyone to put their name forward, irrespective of ability and experience as the Welsh team approach is providing an opportunity for our regular competitors as much as it is winning (we have come 2nd and 3rd in 2016).

Registriation of Interest Form

When and Where

The event is in Marum, in the northern part of the Netherlands. It’s about a 2.5 hour drive (with no traffic) from Hoek van Holland or over 6 hours from Calais.

The event is on a Saturday, but as with last year we recommend that people travel to arrive on Thursday evening, so that Friday can be used for preparation.

Who is organising this ?

The team captain this is Malcolm Herbert (who is also the ECMO rep for Wales) and he can be contact on 07720 079845 or for more information

If you would like to help organise and manage the team please get in touch as there can be a lot of work to be done on the day.


We already have some sponsors who will help with the entry and travel costs and we welcome anyone who help with covering the costs of what can be an expensive event.


Based on previous experience, we’ve always had plenty of riders in the 50+ category, with less for the older rider categories. This year we will aim to make the team announcements in July, well ahead of the team submission dates on August 21st, allowing enough time for people to book travel. We will be confirming some rider names before then, but may choose to run riders ‘out-of-class’ as the final team selection becomes clearer.

As well as simple eligibility, we will look at performance, commitment to the Welsh Championship and willingness to travel and assist the team as important criteria for selection.


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