Some items following from the Welsh Clubs AGM and the AMCA AGM. Please let me know if you have any questions. 

1. Finances
2. Regional Team Event (October)
3. Transponders
4. Online Entries in 2019
5. Telford Show, 16/17 Feb
6. Sponsorship in 2019
7. Annual Reports for 2018

1. Finances 

Following on from the Welsh Clubs AGM on 7/Oct, when Karl Stevens took
over from Andy Carter, we’ve been looking to sort out banking
arrangements and formalise the way we handle money.

The Union of Welsh Clubs / Classic MX Wales isn’t an AMCA club in its
own right, the 6 member clubs have riders as members and run meetings
and there is no intention of changing it. However, with the MXdN coming
in and Championship increasing in size / scope since I took over from
Jim Evans in 2014, we need ensure that we’re transparent about the
money handled and spent.  Whilst in 2013 about £700 was used to buy
trophies, there’s been over £4000 of transactions in 2018 and this will
potentially increase further.  The current balance is around £1200,
with about £450 yet to be disembursed to riders for the MXdN team from
the sponsorship received. 

Account sheet:

Karl is setting up a Classic MX Wales account with HSBC so that we
don’t have to use personal accounts and this will cover both the
Championship and Classic MXdN. To do this we needed to provide club
regulations etc for Classic MXdN , and these are here:

Any questions on this then please let myself or Karl know. One of the
requirements was to have a Secretary and Ed Willett has kindly offered
to do this. 

We may look to run a short telephone / video conference call with the
clubs to clarify things. 

2. Regional Team Event (October)

There is some discussion around various team events in 2019 (outside of
the Classic MXdN). There has been a request for a Welsh team for North
Devon’s meeting in August, which we’ll probably not do, but if people are interested in organising then let me know.  The other possibility is for a Wales v South West event to be held in October, which we will look at competing at.

3. Transponders

This was discuss at the AMCA AGM and to clarify my understanding.
Whilst the AMCA have the receiving and timing kit, they will not
provide transponders nor staff to run events as they do with the
moderns.  If the Welsh Clubs wanted to run transponders at every
meeting they would need to:

        – ensure that riders had leased their own transponders
        – that a pool of spare transponders were available to rent
        – that trained people were able to run the timing

The likely cost of this would be higher over a 3-4 period than using
Tracktimes and therefore currently its not of interest as a group of

4. Online Entries in 2019

Again, discussed at the AMCA AGM and I’ll potentially arrange a session
with the AMCA for them to show how it works and how clubs sign up. Could you let me know if your club would be interested, as it potentially would add 10-20% to the entries for an event. 

5. Telford Show, 16/17 Feb

Classic MX Wales has a confirmed stand and we’re aware that Narberth
might also have a stand. We plan to print flyers
and registration forms for the 2019 championship as well as having the
usual display of bikes and videos. If any one can help on the stand, then please let me know. 

6. Sponsorship in 2019

We have 3 new sponsors for 2019 already and we are looking for more
for both Championship classes and the Classic MXdN. Malcolm ‘Jock’ Bell
will be the main sponsor for 2019 but it would be good to have more

More information is here:

7. Annual Reports for 2018

I still have 40 copies for sale, which will probably have gone by
Telford. If anyone would like a copy they are available for £6.80
including p&p. 

8. 2019 Dates

14th April      Teifiside @Penparc      *
19th May        Mid Wales @Abbeycwmhir *  
2nd June        Border @Bicton  
14/15th June    Narberth @West Atherton  *
July 14th       Acorns @Butterton       
July 21st       Mid Wales @Abbeycwmhir   *
Sept 1st        Teifiside @Penparc      
Sept 8th        Chester @Rhos y Madoc   
Sept 29th       Llanthony @Court Farm

9. Evos

There will after all be an Evo championship in 2019 thanks to the sponsorship from Daniel Griffiths. The meetings that will run Evos are marked with a * above. 



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