There will be a stronger presence than ever of Welsh riders in Europe during 2020, not just at the Classic Motocross des Nations but at the European Championship rounds but also at other events in Ireland, Belgium and beyond.

Wales at Classic MXdN 2019

European Championship (CEC) 2020

Entry forms for the 3 rounds are already out and places filling up fast. The classes (30+,50+,60+,66+,72+) are the same as for the Classic MXdN and the rounds are at:

  • 1st May 2020 : Molenbeersel, Belgium it’s a Friday, it’s a public holiday in Europe). There’s a Classic meeting on the Saturday also, so two days of quality racing.
  • 9th May 2020 : Mortimer, UK. Again racing on the Sunday as well.
  • 6th June 2020 : Jinin, Czech Republic

There are limits on entries per race (50 in Belgium, 40 at Mortimer) so you need to get your entries in asap. Entry forms are on the ECMO web site. You’ll need to be riding pre74 or earlier (pre72 for the 60+, pre65 for 66+ and 72+)

Welsh riders already entered include (there might be others):

  • Jess Yates (66+, CZ Twinport)
  • Barrie Townend (50+, Triumph)
  • Dan Evans (30+, Husqvarna)
  • Rob Morgan (60+, BSA)
  • Jon Britton (30+, Triumph Metisse)
  • Lee Kelly (30+, JAP Metisse)
  • Malcolm Herbert (50+, Tribsa)
  • Kevin Petitt (50+, Husqvarna)

Please let Malcolm Herbert know if you’ve entered and plan to race. We’ll look to get Welsh shirts for all riders and coordinate travel to Belgium and potentially Czech Republic.

If you are going to enter, you also may want to consider entering all 3 rounds now.

Classic MX des Nations

This will be in eastern Germany on the 19th September 2020 and once again Wales will be sending a team. Jon Britton and Malcolm Herbert will be running the team. Selection will be taking place during the early part of the season and if you are interested in riding and are eligible, please let us know.

Other International Events

Drumlarig in Scotland clashes with Narberth this year but there are lots of other events in England and Scotland we could coordinate to attend; the Nostalgia is an excellent event though prone to being wet !

The two-day meeting in Northern Ireland looks good (see and runs the week after Narberth. It’s the track where the Classic MXdN will run in 2021.


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